The Procter & Gamble Big Band

P&G Big Band Kings Island 2009

The P&G Big Band is a 20-member ensemble made up entirely of Procter & Gamble employees and retirees. We play for company functions and community concerts in the greater Cincinnati area.

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About the Band
The Procter & Gamble Big Band has been in existence since 1987. It was originally named “"Mr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”", in honor of then-President, John Pepper. The band was formed to provide music for the Company'’s Broadway-caliber show “"From Sycamore to Broadway". This show was written, produced, directed and performed at the Company’'s P&G Dividend Day event in 1987 by a cast of all P&G Employees, for the one-time celebration of the Procter & Gamble Company’s 150th anniversary. The P&G Big Band stayed together after that event, and has performed every year since its inception. All members are volunteer P&G employees and retirees.

The P&G Big Band plays private events as well as from 4 - 9 public performances every year, including appearances in the Blue Ash Summer Concert Series, the West Chester Concert Series at Keehner Park, Fairfield Swingin' on the Green, Washington Park, and Paramount’ King’s Island P&G Dividend Day.

Contact Information
Gary Turner
P&G Big Band Bookings
Jeff Spaulding
P&G Big Band Music Director
Steve Glassmeyer
P&G Big Band Assistant Music Director

pgbb at fairfield

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